Housing First

Pathways to Housing DC provides permanent housing and support services to approximately 475 individuals each year using the Pathways “Housing First” model.

This approach meets the needs of individuals who are both homeless and have complex needs— whether psychiatric or physical disabilities, co-occurring addictions, chronic medical challenges, and/or other barriers to housing— and supports them in obtaining immediate access to housing. After receiving housing first, every client is provided with intensive, long-term, community-based treatment and support services (24 hours each day, 7 day a week). These vital interventions are provided by teams of psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, certified addictions counselors and peer health specialists, and are designed to empower consumer choice and support success living independently.

The Pathways “Housing First” method has consistently been shown to end and prevent chronic homelessness for 85-90% of individuals who have been traditionally seen as “noncompliant,” “treatment resistant,” and “not ready for housing.” We believe that housing is a basic human right, anyone who says they want a place to live is “housing ready,” and that people can be successful in housing with the proper combination of supports. Using this evidence-based model, we successfully engage, house, support and treat chronically homeless adults with serious psychiatric and other disabilities who have been living on the streets for years and facilitate their recovery and integration back into the Washington, D.C. community.

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