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Pathways to Housing DC is committed to ending homelessness for individuals with serious mental illnesses, co-occurring substance abuse disorders and/or other medical challenges in our Nation's capital. We accomplish this mission by offering resources, skills, and hope. We support self-directed recovery through low-barrier access to permanent housing and a broad range of time unlimited, wraparound supportive services including: mental and physical health treatment, substance abuse services, education and employment opportunities, family reunification and community integration. Since our inception in 2004, we have ended homelessness and supported recovery for more than 600 individuals.

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Pathways' Housing First

Pathways' "Housing First" model meets the needs of individuals who are both homeless and have complex needs- whether psychiatric disabilities, addictions, PTSD, and/or other barriers to housing- and supports them in obtaining immediate access to housing.  Once housed, an individual receives comprehensive support and treatment services so that he or she can make long-lasting strides in their recovery. This approach has consistently been shown to end and prevent chronic homelessness for 85-90% of individuals who have been traditionally seen as "noncompliant," "treatment resistant," and "not ready for housing." Pathways DC believe that housing is a basic human right, anyone who says they want a place to live is "housing ready," and that people can be successful in housing with the proper combination of supports. Using this evidence-based model, Pathways DC successfully engages, houses, supports and treats chronically homeless adults with serious psychiatric and other disabilities who have been living on the streets for years and facilitates their recovery and integration into our communities.

What We Do

Pathways to Housing DC touches the lives of hundreds of individuals experiencing homelessness each year. More than 475 individuals participate in our Housing First program. These individuals all receive permanent housing and intensive, long-term treatment and support services to help them remain in housing and be successful in their recoveries. Through a partnership with the Downtown and Golden Triangle Business Improvement Districts, we operate two Street Homeless Outreach Teams whose goal is to engage, assess, and end homelessness for individuals living on the streets in the downtown area. In addition, we recently began managing the Urgent Care Clinic, one of the first of its kind, at the DC Superior Court. This clinic provides immediate behavioral health and addictions treatment to arrestees (over half of whom are homeless). Finally, recognizing the importance that access to healthcare has on an individual's ability to recover and maintain healthy lifestyles, we have partnered with Unity Healthcare to establish a walk-in primary healthcare clinic.

Our Wish List

You can help the people we serve today by donating an item off of our wish list. We keep this list updated with the items people need the most when moving off the streets and into their own apartments.

We always need (new or gently used):

- Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, soap, lotion, deodorant, etc.)
- Pillboxes
- Metro cards ($1.00 or more)
- Safeway/Giant gift cards for clients without income who are awaiting approval of their benefits
- General gift cards (Visa, MasterCard, Walmart or Target)
- TVs and/or TV Converter boxes
- Pots and pans, dishes and silverware
- Alarm clocks/clock-radios
- Linens and towels
- Microwaves
- Hats, Scarves and Gloves
- Can openers

For questions or to arrange a drop-off, please contact:

Hannah Zollman, Director of Development
(202) 529-2972 ext. 130


Due to limited onsite storage space, we are unable to accept large furniture donations.  In order to furnish the homes of the people we serve, we partner with A Wider Circle


Thank you for your support!

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